DEMATIER is a story of passion.
The story of a bond of unexplored territory.
An everlasting bond with a land that creates emotions.
A beating heart nestled in a wild spirit.

DEMATIER is love at first sight
It is an uncontrollable attraction
It is the search for emotion
It is the love that shapes the colours
It is the gem that epitomises a dream.

Born from a trip in an unexplored land.
Mother of emotion and primal sensations.
A place where the external contamination
is minimal and the purity that surrounds
the individual itself becomes
the definition of beauty.

The look observes the mind comprehends
and the heart perceives
The emotions that arise is awe-inspiring
and the man that lives it remains permanently marked.

A prisoner of a spell
The search for a sign become the goal
The sign that celebrates the moment
The realisation of the dream
The freedom to pursue it.

The freedom to dream big.